Summer is here, and our new menu too!

Tartare Revisited

This summer discover at La Fourchette along the French classics like Escargots or Crêpe Suzette, new dishes with a mordern twist!

Discover our new menu - designed by executive French chef, Christophe Carissan - filled with only the freshest seasonal ingredients. In the picture above the Tartare Revisited : A Must Try!

Share the Duck Liver Parfait with its sangria jelly, pickled grapes and olive oil powder (yes, we did say olive oil powder!) Magic!
Or you can also try (should we say add?) our Homemade Hummus served with still warm flatbread!

Can't wait for the main?
What about the Rare Tuna served with crispy polenta, grapefruit & fennel salad in a capsicum and hazelnut sauce?

Want to know more? Visit our menu page to discover it all!