—  HIGH TEA  —


It's a little known fact, but after its introduction to Europe in the 17th century, tea was tremendously popular in France. It first arrived in Paris in 1636 - 22 year before it appeared in England! - and quickly became popular among the aristocracy.
At La Fourchette, we are keeping this tradition alive with our new Salon de Thé which offers High Tea Wednesday to Sunday between 3 & 5pm.
You will be served an array of French delicacies accompanied by your choice of Harney & Sons Tea.
Bookings are essential and required 48h notice as our High Tea are being made daily at La Petite Fourchette.




We have recently opened our own Pâtisserie, La Petite Fourchette, with the help of our French Chef Pâtissier, Vatthana Boulom.
Nestled in the newly developed Wynyard Central, our pâtisserie team is hard at work producing fresh creations for the coming day
which will be on offer in store and also delivered to La Fourchette and L'Assiette every morning.
Vatthana Boulom , Chef Pâtissier of La Petite Fourchette, is constantly inventing and adapting the delicacies on offer to make the most of the seasonal produce.

Along with the individual pâtisseries on offer, we are also able to produce larger gateaux or tarts for that dinner party or special occasion.


Order and Pick-up available directly from La Fourchette
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